An elegant and casual garment? We got it!

We all have days in which we want to dress more elegantly and days when we want to wear a casual and sporty look. Unique Collection ; is responsible for most of your clothing. Today we bring you a timeless and absolutely necessary garment in your closets.

Asha is a classic of the brand, it is timeless and you can find it in our online store all year round. Asha is long dress or short dress with its variations in boat neck, high neck or normal neck that becomes hood.


asha-ropa -alternative

We love the alternative and original clothes so in all our seasons and collections you will find reversible garments and that in a moment will pass from long and elegant dresses to short and fun dresses. You choose how to wear them although you will always look just as great with any of their versions.

Asha is a long dress and a short dress at the same time, you can find it in black for your nights of romantic dinners in your favorite restaurants in the city or in white, to feel the light of day and get everyone’s attention. We do not like you to go unnoticed, the important thing is to impress!


The alternative and original clothing is ours, that is why we bring you this garment that will surely be a must in your closet for the whole year. Also, we are in the season of sales and who does not love the sales? To us it is and for that reason you will find great discounts in our online store. All our basic garments at 30% discount and the rest of garments in our collection at 50%. What are you waiting to stop by our store and enjoy the sales? 

We are waiting for you at with the most alternative clothes on the market. We’ll make you feel like the original woman you’ve always wanted to be;)